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Paul Carroll - piano  guitar  composer  producer  arranger

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New - Setting The Scene

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Setting The Scene    Thinking On My Feet    Good News Show    Brahms Lullaby    Fiddle Me Ree    Lucky Number    Fits And Bursts    Don't Push Me    Payin' My Dues    Gentle Tintel    Willow



As fresh now as it was when it was written and recorded in 1994, everybody who I know that has bought this album has kept it high on their listening list. The classical guitar always sounds warm and inviting interlaced with the clarity and sparkle of the acoustic. However, it is the emotion and quality of the compositions that draws the listener to appreciate the music at many different levels - from moments of virtuosity to passages of the utmost intimacy. This superb album features the acoustic guitar at its best. If you like your music to include jazz, folk and classical, this is the album for you. Paul plays all the acoustic guitars and all the other instruments as well. Brilliant.

"...lashings of acoustic guitar"- The Big Issue. "...a superb production"- Classical Guitar

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Ecstatic    Brazilia    Goin' West    El Mariache    Coco    Three Friends    Clearing Up The Mayhem    Modern Girl    Navaho    Cream    Four More Poems





Straight Up

In 2001, after an accident breaking his left shoulder, Paul decided to concentrate on his piano playing and so formed the trio Jazz-Upp to realise his compositions. A traditional piano jazz trio. However, many of the numbers were originally conceived on classical guitar which gives the album a unique style and feel - it alters the voicings and the way the solos emerge. Don't expect traditional arrangements and soloing. This album is as much about textures and feelings without any sense of morbidity or introspection. A very positive album.

All samples last 45 secs and feature Paul on piano, Mick Danby double bass and Rob Nelson, drums.

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No Rhyme Or Reason    Straight Up    Passacaglia    Riding The Hush    The Glorious Twelfth   





All the solo guitar music that Paul has written and recorded. Double album set includes the 1991 album Guitar Music and 1992 Through The Long Grass. To read review of Guitar Music click here





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Tomb Of The Eagles    Helen McKenzie    Aimez    Malham Tarn    End Of The Game    Short And Sweet    Broch Of Borwick


Listen Here - No.2    No. 5    No. 12  


Listen Here - Radiance    Learning     Celebration 


Both the above CD's consist of twelve 5 minute pieces of music played on guitar and keyboards creating a mood of serenity and peace for relaxation and stress release. The "Twelve Pieces For Reiki" has received worldwide acclaim and has been continually popular not only for its relaxation effects but also as beautiful music in its own right. "Radiance" is the follow-up album and is slightly brighter and more joyous but equally as relaxing. Featuring Robert Cook on keyboards.

"I think they are two of the most impressive and beautiful ones I have heard"- Hilary Oldham, The Mystic Trader, London

"Ever more people like this little jewel of music"- Waltraud Forster, Berlin

"Wonderful tapes"- Radiant Resources, Australia

"The music is marvellous"- Margarite Weich, Munchen 

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Andrea    4'20"

Next    6'17"

The Way We Are    3'16"

Skye    6'22"

Sand In Your Eyes    6'51"

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