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Discography and Selected Works


Setting The Scene

1    Setting The Scene    2    Thinking On My Feet    3    Good News Show    4    Brahms Lullaby    5    Fiddle Me Ree    6    Lucky Number    7    Fits and Bursts    8    Don't Push Me    9    Payin' My Dues    10    Gentle Tintel    11    Willow



1    Ecstatic   2    Brazilia    3    Goin' West   4    El Mariache   5    Coco   6    Three Friends   7    Clearing Up The Mayhem   8    Modern Girl   9    Navaho   10  Cream   11  Four More Poems: i  The Feminine Principle   ii   Prettiness   iii  The Agony Of Love   iv  Miracle Of Beauty

This superb album features the acoustic guitar at its best. If you like your music to include jazz, folk and classical, this is the album for you. Paul plays all the acoustic guitars and all the other instruments as well. Brilliant.

"...lashings of acoustic guitar"- The Big Issue. "...a superb production"- Classical Guitar

Read review here.


        Straight Up:

1    No Rhyme Or Reason    2    Straight Up    3    Passacaglia    4    Just As Nice    5    Riding The Hush    6    Bon Bonne    7    Put The Lights Out    8    Polestar    9    The Glorious Twelfth    10  The Summer Walkers    11  Instinctive    12  Sadie Belle    13  My First Peace    14  Six-Eight

"...well accomplished musicians." Stephanie Young. BBC Tees Reviewer.

"Well worth a look." Eammon Lenihan. RTE Lyric FM. The Third Wave presenter.

Jazz piano trio playing 14 original tunes. Read a review of a gig we did here.


        The Sweetest Sound:

1    Saving All My Love    2    The Shadow Of Your Smile    3    Lady In Red    4    Yesterday    5    Two Hearts    6    Blue Moon    7    Mozart 40      8    Romanza    9    Aranjuez    10  Cavatina    11  Misty    12  Canary Jig    13  Classical Gas    14  Malagueña

A comilation of attractive tunes played on the electric classical guitar with Paul playing keyboards, bass etc.. Very popular.



1    Radiance    2    Opening    3    Oneness    4    Warmth    5    Courrage    6    The moment    7    Learning    8    Delight    9    Smiling    10  Peace    11  Direction    12  Celebration


        Twelve Pieces For Reiki:

Side One    Nos. 1 - 6

Side Two    Nos. 7 - 12

Both the above cassettes consist of twelve 5 minute pieces of music played on guitar and keyboards creating a mood of serenity and peace for relaxation and stress release. The "Twelve Pieces For Reiki" has received worldwide acclaim and has been continually popular not only for its relaxation effects but also as beautiful music in its own right. "Radiance" is the follow-up tape and is slightly brighter and more joyous but equally as relaxing. Featuring Robert Cook on keyboards.

"I think they are two of the most impressive and beautful ones I have heard"- Hilary Oldham, The Mystic Trader, London

"Ever more people like this little jewel of music"- Waltraud Forster, Berlin

"Wonderful tapes"- Radiant Resources, Australia

"The music is marvellous"- Margarite Weich, Munchen


        Guitar Music:

Solo classical guitar album consisting of all Paul's compositions. Read review here.


Through The Long Grass

Paul's second solo classical guitar album featuring all new material. No cover to show unfortunately and the master dats have unfortunately deteriorated. I hope to try and resurrect it because there is some great material on there.


Taking The Long View

A compilation album consisting of material I was playing in live performances in the mid 90's..


Viking Echoes

Re-live the exciting era of the vikings with these evocative compositions.
Available from Global Journey www.global-journey.com

This was originally done for the Jorvic Viking Centres. Excerts have been used on an educational childrens program about the vikings.


Days Of Gold

This amazing album is a tribute to the Sun and those days when you wish that time would stand still. As the Sun’s rays gently wash over you relax with these soothing compositions by Paul Carroll. This feel-good album generates a blissful sense of well-being.
Available from Global Journey www.global-journey.com

This and the above album were for Global Journey. They used to have stands in garden centres selling New Age music. You could press a button on the stand and it would play an excerpt of the album.



Crossing The Borders

Blues Unlimited

Newcastle based band: a great album of blues covers, me playing piano under my pseudonym Pinetop Parsons


Barking The Blues


Check out the myspace site here.



Memories On Video

I did an album of 17 pieces of music for the above firm. I believe they are still using them on a regular basis now. 



1994 - 95

Key Stage 1 and 2 Music         

I produced a single album and a double album for Stanley Thornes educational publishers.


1975 - 1980

The Jumblies; The Owl and The Pussycat. 1975. 25mins and 15 mins respectively for guitar, bass, cello, flute, violin and narrator.

Michael and All Angels. 1976. 45mins for guitar, bass, cello, flute, violin and narrator.

Beauty and The Beast; The Snowqueen. 1977. 20 mins each for guitar, bass, cello, flute, violin and narrator.

The Judgement Of Paris. 1978. 30 mins for guitar, bass, cello, flute, violin and narrator.

Orfeo. A ballet. 1979. 60 mins for guitar, bass, cello, flute, violin, narrator and two dancers.

A Game Of Chess. 1980. 45 mins for guitar, bass, drums, narrator.

All the above pieces were performed by Nocturne at the Edinburgh Fringe and various other venues around the country between 1975 and 1980. Nocturne were Dave Henshall (who wrote the narratives excepting Jumblies and Pussycat by Edward Lear) Peter van de Bospoort bass guitar, Iain Dall cello, Anne Lloyd flute and violin, Paul Carroll guitars. Orfeo was produced as a ballet and also performed at the London College of Music.

See pics in the Gallery

The Cat Got Out Of The Bag. 1991. Violin and Guitar. 3 movements.

Stations. 1989. Narrator and Guitar.

Ballad Of The Beacon. 1992. Voice and Guitar.

Glasgow Rangers Documentary Theme

Nice Triathlon incidental music.

Medical Film on gall stones.

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