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The sound of an instrumental jazz piano trio coming from one man. Playing his own bass is great fun...! He can instantly take the music wherever he wants. With the piano and the bass pedals, combined with a drum machine he creates a full swinging sound with his swinging foot! A fairly unique setup.

  Willing to travel anywhere in the country/world. Paul has played as a pianist/bass player on over 3500 gigs at home and abroad. However, this is a new act and Paul  is looking forward to a great 2017!

  All the main London Park Lane Hotels as well as Manchester; Leeds, Bradford hotel function rooms.

  Seasons at Ayr, Scarborough, Gt Yarmouth, Hayling Island, Bognor Regis, Bourne Leisure caravan parks.

  Theatres: Blackpool Opera House, Embassy Theatre Skegness, Brighton Pavillion, Poole, Lowestoft, mainly with Les Dawson when he was with us.

  Nightclub residencies in Manchester, Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Liverpool, Leeds, Hinckley.

  Pub and restaurant gigs: many pubs round Cheshire and the Northwest.

  British Forces in England and Germany, notably Marne Barracks, Aldershot, Leeming, GŁtersloh, Bielefeld, Dortmund, Hanover.

  Many recordings and radio broadcasts. Has written and produced shows on the Edinburgh Fringe as well as solo performances, both solo and with orchestra.

Some past clients include:

Axa Insurance   De Vere Hotels(all over)   United Utilities   Demolition Trades Society   Expertease Events   Catterick Caravans   Mecca Leisure   Bourne Leisure    Specsavers    West Yorkshire Scouts    Camping And Caravanning Club    Worcester Bosch    Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure    The National Trust    Premier Events    Alive Network


Latest Roland Stage Piano

Roland PK5 Bass pedals

Zoom Rhythmtrac

Behringer 600 watt PA for larger venues

Genelec 160 watt setup for smaller, more discreet requirements.






Hi Paul, 

        Thanks for doing the Jazz Club gig the other week- especially your

        cheers hazel

Hazel Hanley - Organiser Hexham Jazz Club


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